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Establishment Politicians’ Worst Nightmare: Business Women

Organized Labor and MoveOn.org see their money washed by the voters of California and Arkansas as Business Women prevail in the Primary Elections.  Not a point most Democratic Pundits would make, but when last November’s elections saw Republican Women’s sweep of the Judicial offices, my suspicions were confirmed.  Women, who control household budgets, suffer from a reduced income based upon their gender, yet bear the burden in virtually every area of the economy, are getting down to business.

Women don’t rally in the streets and use forceful, threatening language: they go into the voting booth where a secret ballot permits them to assert their voice.  A gentleman of Italian descent noted this during our recent discussion at a Labor Union breakfast prior to hitting the streets to canvass for Democratic candidates.  Pushback?  The Progressive Cult of the Young Guys are about to get it in their arrogant guts.

Men of the Democratic Party:  the notion that any man, even one with no resume, questionable citizenship and a mobster background is preferable to a Woman President was unexpected and one for which Women were unprepared.  That day is over.

It’s not as much about winning elections as about supporting the candidates who will represent OUR interests.  The Democratic Party failed miserably to recognize an accomplished, dues paid-up part of its base.  In the aftermath, the “hipper, more urban” redrawn electoral map of Donna Brazile has been taken down, along with the network that indulged that crap; CNN.

A time-honored male tactic of claiming to have  “had sex with her” has failed in South Carolina where Nikki Haley prevailed IN THE FACE of the sexism.  The Fowlers and Clayburne:  eat that.

Sharron Angle numbs up Obama-pusher-in-chief, Harry Rid in preparation for a complete extraction from establishment half-assedness.  Let the Ebay selling of seats begin!