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1- Newsletter – Free US Now

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The Newsletter is a one way communication from me to you

2- Website – Free-US-Now

The Website is a communication and invitation from us to the world wide web to join us.

3- Blogs 2 blogs plus puma daily and others we post with

The Blog  is a two way communication that allows you and others to communicate your thoughts about what I write. It is this communication that I am so yearning to get you to participate in more often –

4- Radio 2 nights 2 channels You are the special guests.

The radio is online and very easy to use and allows us to chat live and exchange ideas verbally up to 5 of us at a time from all over the country and it allows us to converse with special guests that join us from time to time.

5- Yahoo Groupopen for discussion to the whole web

The Yahoo Groups allow you and I to form a community we can have open communication about just about anything we want to and rally get to know one another in a more personal way. This is a great place to make new friends and chat when you are tired of the news and /or want to rant a little on your own and need somebody who will understand !

Join us live on Monday at 8 and Tuesday at 9 live in the chat room and/or by calling in.

Remember to mark it as a favorite – rate it and set a reminder but if you miss it – you can always listen later and to help us out please do the 30 second download then discard it – it builds our ratings  for each downloaded show every week.


FreeUsNowLadiesNight Radio Monday 8pm EST

Call-in Number: (347) 838-8011


FreeUsNowHearUSRoar Radio on PUMA United Radio Tuesday 9 pm EST

Call-in Number: (347) 539-5420

Contact me at

3 responses to “Contact Us

  1. What your mind…?

  2. I am writing about the interview I heard this morning on CNN contending that women are under-represented in the new Obama cabinet. Ms Siskind (?) commented that 6 out of 21 was not enough. She went on to note that women are 52% of the population. 11 out of 21 would have been proportional. Then she said that only 56% of women voters supported Obama. Compute 21 times .52 time .56 and round. You get exactly 6.


    Dear Sir/ Madam

    On behalf of Care for African Kids (CFAK), management and staff allow
    me to introduce to you our organization, it was established in
    2008 with 4 children in our late beloved father estate in Kampala Uganda
    E-Africa with support of David and Pool and now we directly take care of
    165 children at the orphanage center in Wakiso, we are conducting health and
    education programs at the orphanage center for empowering and improvement of
    child care (Vulnerable people we take care of are those affected and
    infected with HIV/AIDS, orphans, widows, youth, disabled and the elderly) to
    attain sustainable live hoods development through accessing basic needs,
    CFAK also aims at preventing child abuse and violence, the spread of
    HIV/AIDS and mitigate in CFAK Constitution. CFAK is a Non-Government
    (NGO) registered as a Company Limited by guarantee without Share capital
    under the laws of Uganda, with certificate of incorporation and CBO. This
    enable individuals and communities to provide support towards children`s
    shelter, education, medication, clothing and food needs.

    The purpose of writing to you is to request you kindly to partner with CFAK
    and seek for assistance for the program mes above and implementation of
    various projects in order to achieve our objectives and goals of fair and
    developed world we started for by empowering the vulnerable groups and rural
    We are looking forward for your favorable consideration in which way
    possible even if it is by spreading news about us, these people are
    suffering yet they did nothing wrong to live a bad life and to us it is just
    luck to be what we are, nothing good we did to deserve it .
    Here at the Orphanage center we love you and pray for you day and night as
    we expect you to visit us and see what your help has done in our life soon.

    Yours faithfully
    Robert Pool
    TELEPHONE: +256775282890/+256701289090
    SKYPE NAME: robertpool2


    1.Global giving (America)

    2.Lift the children (Canada)

    3.Global unity harmony (UK)

    4. Local Partners (Uganda)

    5. One Voice for the kids (UK)

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