Al-Awlaki Joins Bin Ladin in the Company of Virgins

The Virgin Mary was on hand to sequester her Ladies in Waiting from the leers of the pedophile / prostitute patron Imam of San Diego and “Face Book Friend from Hell” (thank you, Fox & Friends) who greeted a drone missile with the famous inquiry: “Who the hell are you?”

I have always admired the Women of Wealthy Clans and Families who make a home for all family members, regardless of status and are gracious in their preservation of civilization among the would-be savages who enter their presence and are melted by Grace.

Men of the Middle East who impose terror on their countries by threatening women and veil their lust with a pretense of modesty-driven dress codes have seen a symbolic change. Saudi Arabia will honor those who are the chauffers, errand-runners, PTA and Community activists with DRIVERS’ LICENSES AND THE FREEDOM to actually get behind the wheel of their cars and get themselves where they’re going. Near the Saudi Border, just 40 miles away, a US Drone nailed the New Mexico born, American educated dual-citizen Internet pastor of hopeless young men who were callously exploited in their need for guidance. In Oman, to the East of Yemen, a Prince of the realm funded the release of, first the young American female and then her hiking companions. Are the Gentlemen of the Arab World coming to understand the tempering effect of FEMALES on the uncontrollable males they have Obaticized? While Reed and Pelosi are hanging out the sunroof of Obama’s Joyride in the Ship Of State, decent folk, not “invited” to the Party, are observing with awareness.

It’s just a matter of time before officers of the Peace have seen enough and have accrued enough “evidence and shown cause” to step in and restore order. In the misery of the last eleven years, we have suffered incompetence in the Oval Office first “brained” by Woman-Hating Karl Rove, then by the “dual-citizen of the World,” Obama who HIMSELF “vacationed” in Pakistan during his radicalizing years. The males of the Axlerod/Gibbs DNC are now marginalized by the true men of the Administration, Leon Panetta and David Patraeus. Having swapped roles and exchanged “Intelligence” in the process, they bring Hillary’s stand-in a slam-dunk he can remotely witness. Without any threat to a single golden kink of his hair, The Occupant of the Oval Office has permitted CLINTON’S PEOPLE to prove that the machinery of government of a Free People cannot be stymied by pretentious publicity-seekers and manipulators. Just as the Clinton People learned to respect Hillary for her fidelity to the man she loved in a pressure cooker, they learned to filter out the personally ambitious through her doomed campaign. And Hillary, the World’s #1 Diplomat, has personally traveled to, shaken hands with and faced world leaders in the most threatening financial circumstances, and brought peace of mind, that the Clintons, while getting little credit for their service, are Lamp Bearers, taking the Shining City on the Hill to the World. Where the Saudi’s once saw us as their Cash Cow, they now see us as their Dairy, where the milk of human kindness is gleaned from the peace-abiding, the long-suffering, preservationists. In the face of CHANGE they are reassured that some things remain, as you have come to rely upon, RELIABLE. That be Hillary. To the Yemeni Al Qaida, we extend “sincere” condolences for your “loss,” and to the Obatterie, we say: “Heads UP!” You can “claim” yet another Victory brought about by the Clinton Peeps. And while you need a billion dollars to mount a re-election campaign, all HRC needs is her friends.


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