To The Presidential Advisors: LEADERSHIP CRED

When the drones observe “the Boss” breezing through his employees’ work zone, what they actually witness is the Agent of the Support System into which their efforts and energies, accrued expertise and will are condensed. Enroute to the top job in the company, this Chief Executive would have surrounded himself with a solid structure of competent performers who think like him, in a “Company-First” synchrony.

Another “Barry” clueless out in Left Field with the jock attitude, awaits the verdict from a Jury deliberating the issue of his fidelity to the Truth. Son of Baseball Great Bobby Bonds, Godson of Willie Mayes, this Barry was incapable of understanding what it was the FANS expected from his greatness. While Bonds demanded attention and big money in a quid-pro-quo ploy to deliver to the Pirates only as much as he perceived Tribute had purchased, he routinely alienated ticket buyers, autograph seekers and event patrons with a “No Show” snottiness that didn’t play at all in Pittsburgh. Without Bobby Bonnilla next door in Center, Bonds could not have begun to deduce what his job was out there in the “Corner” of Three Rivers. Sure, he had the “trick” blythe catch of dropping fly balls into an upturned, confidant glove – and almost always caught the third out thusly with the showy clipped step to start running to the dugout ending the inning. But Bonds never really grasped the relationship between the “players” in the seats with the “Stars” on the Field. Although the Pirates got to the Playoffs of Major League Baseball three years in a row in the early Nineties, The 30-30 club “Individual” record setter never delivered when the Team was in position to advance to the World Series. Bonds’ failure to prevent Syd Bream’s “The Slide” scoring the Braves’ winning run is burned into the retina of all Pirate Fans who find his current “juicing” saga not surprising. For all his talent, Bonds never had the “Heart” of a leader and couldn’t equate his own self-interest with that of his Team or his Town.

Speak to the Democrats who lost in November about the President’s “leadership” and you might get a stunning review of the “Context” in which they played ball with Barry through the chain-gang subordination that appeared, from here, to be a Pelosi/Reed Puppet Show. The DCCC Tough Guy, Emmanuel, promptly became the CCCC Tough Guy – Chicago Congressional Campaign Committee – the moment “individual opportunity” opened a door for Barry’s Chief of Staff. “Barry” from the Block is “NOW PLAYING” in the block-head game that will finally shut down the Government. As the New England Patriots observed of the gunslinger, Ben Roethlesberger in failing to lead the Steelers to the AFC Championship in 2005, “He played like what he is: A ROOKIE.”

Metaphorically, we discern, Alas!, that the “One” is working on his individual stats – far more interested in the numbers he’ll take into the negotiations with the Electorate as he seeks re-election, and the Progressives-led D.N.C. is subordinating its job of taking a TEAM into office with OFA redux. To quote a famous candidate from 2008: “You can put lipstick on a Pig, but it’s still a PIG.”

While the clay-footed Collasus continues to drive the Chariot of the Sun across the sky, the “horses” who pull the cart belong to Hillary and Bill. In a System of Checks and Balances, there is no room at the Top. There is nothing more than squirms and pressure, and in such a tightly confined wedge, the synergy, not the elements, is what makes for security. It would appear that the Exxpress Elevator to the Oval Office is for Freight, not Executive Delivery. In an ironic twist on the whole “Brother” in Chief extravaganza, the truly productive Workers of the World recognize the value of the Team Player who, in truth, both leads and contributes. Barry from the Blockade wedged out the “Team” from the fleeting Laurel Crown, but the Leadership he substitutes for legitimate neither galvanizes nor unites the key players. He has no Game, no Plan, no GOTO and absolutely no credibility for the Big One. He’s been around sports enough to understand the “What have you done for me?” lately or otherwise fan attitude.

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