Weiner Calls Out Boehner – We’re All Just Guys

At the Presidential Introduction of Energy Secretary, Steven Chew, who – by O’s admission – actually deserved his Nobel Prize followed by (what Willie Geist called a Beavis & Butthead laugh) an extended heh, heh, heh….much like our own Betty Jean does at particularly skewering “jokes,” I couldn’t ignore the demonstration of Essential Obama. To Ms. Mag, I would offer an update: “THIS IS WHAT A GENTLEMAN’S “C” LOOKS LIKE.” In that self-amused Window, I saw the Maynard G. Krebbs of the business of the world: “WORK!” is simply not on his agenda, and to go into one’s garage on weekends to “tinker” with ways to extract natural gas is – by the President’s expression, one would infer – laughable…. beyond his capacity to relate… just the kind of kookie thing that wins one – legitimately – a Nobel Prize. In the College Crowd adoration mode we like to call Campaign, the Candidate resumes his “put down” Mean Girls schtick that wins him insecure minions readily wound up and manipulated like emotional missiles. Privileged Preppie who, no matter how elevated his own status remained in comparison to the rest of us, could always find rationale to whine about how he suffered humiliation at the hands of his other bitchy teen-age classmates. No; Barrie wasn’t a victim of racism by White America. He was the typical adolescent cry baby “picked on” by the kids in his school who’s families were richer than Madelyn Lee Dunham and were Hawaiian. How he extrapolated that “Every Kid” gawky growing up experience into a Crusade of “I’m Half Black: I’m Collecting What’s Due Me, You’re standing on the spot I want: get out of my way!” may be crystallized in that demeanor he adopts when he takes the stage to “level with his peeps.”

This is a comedian. He takes his “room” with him and ridicules anybody who, by comparison, comes off looking even slightly serious about getting answers, results, “the Job Done.” Getting the JOB is the Goal, Dumbed-Down Affirmative Action Hookies. Getting it DONE is above my pay grade.

So, the Geist-Meister moves onto the next most amazing clip-of-the-week at the Congressional correspondents’ Dinner, Anthony Weiner addresses his name. “Vote for Weiner; He’ll Be Frank.” And Vote For Weiner; He’s On A Roll.” and “Really, like, who Is Boehner fooling? … What am I,… like, …Anthony WAY-ner?” Embrace It, Brother! Are they admitting they’re all just a bunch of dicks?

Is this the inevitable result of their “Beat The Girl” attitude that led them to hate working with Women? I GET it! Women, as Betty Jean self-imposed sabbatical to accept suggests, are notoriously difficult to work with. I’ve always felt it was due to their house-bound, narrow worldly, children-consumed duties that we are so crammed into a canyon with little flexibility and too many rules. But at the end of the day, WE KNOW we can do this job better than the hacker in chief, and We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For! I know the attitude. From any comedian’s point of view, actions that appear stupid are quite differently viewed when you’re facing down bloody noses, household finances and a spouse M.I.A. during March Madness.


One response to “Weiner Calls Out Boehner – We’re All Just Guys

  1. Although it took me days to respond to this- I finally did in the form of several blog pieces.
    Anna- you inspire me- now if you can only find me extra hours in my days and better health – Oh and folks who give a damned!

    Here is what you inspired- well some of it – read the blogs for the rest.
    and thanks my brilliant friend.

    Where are all those who need to be with us?

    “Do not let anyone, or any sub group divide you from the greater, more powerful group you belong to – it diminishes you to do so. Don’t buy it. Be all that you are. Be WOMAN!” BJD Kling

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