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Weiner Calls Out Boehner – We’re All Just Guys

At the Presidential Introduction of Energy Secretary, Steven Chew, who – by O’s admission – actually deserved his Nobel Prize followed by (what Willie Geist called a Beavis & Butthead laugh) an extended heh, heh, heh….much like our own Betty Jean does at particularly skewering “jokes,” I couldn’t ignore the demonstration of Essential Obama. To Ms. Mag, I would offer an update: “THIS IS WHAT A GENTLEMAN’S “C” LOOKS LIKE.” In that self-amused Window, I saw the Maynard G. Krebbs of the business of the world: “WORK!” is simply not on his agenda, and to go into one’s garage on weekends to “tinker” with ways to extract natural gas is – by the President’s expression, one would infer – laughable…. beyond his capacity to relate… just the kind of kookie thing that wins one – legitimately – a Nobel Prize. In the College Crowd adoration mode we like to call Campaign, the Candidate resumes his “put down” Mean Girls schtick that wins him insecure minions readily wound up and manipulated like emotional missiles. Privileged Preppie who, no matter how elevated his own status remained in comparison to the rest of us, could always find rationale to whine about how he suffered humiliation at the hands of his other bitchy teen-age classmates. No; Barrie wasn’t a victim of racism by White America. He was the typical adolescent cry baby “picked on” by the kids in his school who’s families were richer than Madelyn Lee Dunham and were Hawaiian. How he extrapolated that “Every Kid” gawky growing up experience into a Crusade of “I’m Half Black: I’m Collecting What’s Due Me, You’re standing on the spot I want: get out of my way!” may be crystallized in that demeanor he adopts when he takes the stage to “level with his peeps.”

This is a comedian. He takes his “room” with him and ridicules anybody who, by comparison, comes off looking even slightly serious about getting answers, results, “the Job Done.” Getting the JOB is the Goal, Dumbed-Down Affirmative Action Hookies. Getting it DONE is above my pay grade.

So, the Geist-Meister moves onto the next most amazing clip-of-the-week at the Congressional correspondents’ Dinner, Anthony Weiner addresses his name. “Vote for Weiner; He’ll Be Frank.” And Vote For Weiner; He’s On A Roll.” and “Really, like, who Is Boehner fooling? … What am I,… like, …Anthony WAY-ner?” Embrace It, Brother! Are they admitting they’re all just a bunch of dicks?

Is this the inevitable result of their “Beat The Girl” attitude that led them to hate working with Women? I GET it! Women, as Betty Jean self-imposed sabbatical to accept suggests, are notoriously difficult to work with. I’ve always felt it was due to their house-bound, narrow worldly, children-consumed duties that we are so crammed into a canyon with little flexibility and too many rules. But at the end of the day, WE KNOW we can do this job better than the hacker in chief, and We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For! I know the attitude. From any comedian’s point of view, actions that appear stupid are quite differently viewed when you’re facing down bloody noses, household finances and a spouse M.I.A. during March Madness.

Geraldine Ferraro dies at 75

Prima Donna

That's One Giant Leap For Womankind

Noted by MSNBC Twitter as the First Woman and First Italian American to head a major Party Ticket, we are saddened to learn that her passing has been announced.

When I lived in West Islip, NY and visited Fire Island on weekends, I always believed that the bi-plane beating me to the party deck was carrying Representative Ferraro. I know now that it was more likely a water taxi, but back then, whilst I still aspired to Public Office, it was one of the perks I truly believed well-heeled donors accorded their representatives. Those were the days before campaign finance reform, but, hey! I had no doubt she earned it.

Al-Shamikha (Majestic Woman) AlQaeda’s Cosmo Mag for Femmes

The Middle East Observer, UK, Post and India’s News outlets tell us that Muslim Women are noticed and to them, a glossy magazine is now offered for online order. The described debut front cover arouses recollection of Patty Hurst posing with an assault rifle before a graphic of the 7 Headed Cobra symbol of the SLA. “Tania” was chosen as a kidnapping subject for her publishing connections. The attention-getting tactics of revolutionaries are pretty basic.

Majestic Woman appeals to the female half of the Jihad Nation with advice for protecting delicate skin from the sun and remaining indoors to preserve youthful appearance. The Two-fer kicker: cover up also earns points with Almighty Allah.

Because I am the sister of the original “Church Lady” with whom communication is sometimes difficult owing to her extreme mix of Bush Worship and Right To Life intensity, I receive emails that re-acquaint me with my origins in Catholic teaching. A Scholar whom I encountered often enough during my college years, Thomas Aquinas, was featured in her most recent send which linked me to the observation of “Saint” Thomas about Islam.

The portly author of many essays about religious subjects, his focus was brought to the issues preachers and missionaries bound for the region should discuss to compare the principles of Christianity with Islam. I thought that the most pivotal point he makes was this: Muhammad based his appeal to prospective followers on promises of carnal pleasure. Unlike the Spiritual Appeal of the teachings of Jesus Christ, who treated women with respect, The Prophet of Allah couldn’t think beyond his penis. Evangelical Efforts that certify that the “Gates of Heaven” are little more than a euphemism for sex are pretty much a red flag for anybody wondering where this “god” is coming from. Come On, Muhammad! Now that I think about it, and I try not to give this too much of my attention (see above) – it really clears the mystique of Jihad and its appeal to males. How then, can this country NOT be bat shit CRAZY?

If you have survived having loved or lived in the presence of a pathological liar, built your life around someone incapable of telling you anything of verifiable substance, and if you have spent most of your time at home, isolated from social and professional interaction, you know what’s going down. Just a matter of Time before the whole illusion produced by a liar is dispelled by a pivotal incident. Women Intuit. Except that she be utterly Jammin’ over the fantasy (a la Obama fanatics) a female will arrive at a moment in time where nothing adds up and being a Fool has less value than providing for her children.

When this happens, a turn-around in a Woman’s psyche slams her mind closed to any appeal from such influence that would make her the victim of the liar, and more frustrating than everything else combined, is the portion of her life squandered on anybody thus unworthy.

Aquinas suggests that the promise of a reward of sexual intimacy for a servant of Allah predisposes followers to focus on body rather than Spirit. It makes sense that the young men of this Society are unable to look within for the courage and inspiration that would unleash their ability to lead their lives. It confounds me that any males could have eluded the influence of such subordinating notions imposed violently by the Crusader. I can also understand a great deal better, why the Crusades came about. It does – even to this day – appear to be a War of Religious nature.

Today, I understand to a deeper level of Faith, that those Muslims who have transcended the Prophet’s appeal to the lower instincts of young men are, indeed, equipped to provide the drastically needed mentorship for those who are seduced by the Jihadist appeal. I am grateful to have this reminder from my past education because it provides my wavering Spirit with the same levelling source of Center that makes my faith in Peace Abiding Men of Good Will solid state at this level. The Guys who have survived this instability are treasures to be supported and viewed as prisms through whom we will better understand the threat to our Homeland.

I have already responded to the mind-set that Peter King’s hearings will unearth many jewels in this community of survivors and our work at this site with those who have endured oppression in their homes should now make a space in our circle for those brave souls of the Islamic Faith who found their center and acquired beatific vision in control over the undertow of the Flesh.

I’m working through with Faith and in my finite mind, I accept that additional layers of understanding will bring me to a level of peace that enhances my ability to communicate effectively to those confronting threats to their persons.

Accountability – The Rhetoric Of The Inconsequential Chooser

Princess Dream

This weekend, I will walk with my Congressman in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh. The last time I made this “trek” was in the company of candidate, Hillary Clinton, Catherine Baker Knoll and the Secret Service. I learned about “talent management” and in my Scanner, addended my existing skills in “crowd control.” Ever watch the little girls in the marching units of Americana lore, bedazzled, spangled and pink, cradling the batons they are learning to twirl? Adult coaches and chaperones contain and account for the little ones (some barely three years old) by encircling them with lengrhs of rope, worked, not unlike marionette strings, to encourage the progress of the talent towards the reviewing stand, their safety abetted.

The crowds cheering Hillary that March morning assured us that Americans would make the responsible choice in the interest of those little girls, and from a spirited campaign, a historic candidacy would result. And


Was …

that Pittsburghers’ preferences were trumped by their “children” to whom the “Hope” was sold wholesale, with zero connection to reason. We get news almost daily, about how the advisors around Obama churn madly to deny us our choice. We ask for Women in leadership, and they let us have Nancy Pelosi, so resolutely willful that the democratic caucus is incapable of replacing her, despite the flat-BANG! turn over from majorities in the House, Senate and White House to a defeat in the State Houses so devastating as to reveal that virtually the entire country has turned on the Democrats. Throughout two years of Obama’s administration, the Axlerod logic has flipped the bird to the citizens and played games with political tactics disconnected from the issues, challenges and realities facing Americans. The honor of being the first Woman to serve as Speaker of the House is almost secondary – judging from Pelosi’s prosecution of the 111th – to weilding the “ropes” circling the freshman class swept into the Majority in 2008. From a seat in my Congressman’s office to watch the inauguration of Pelosi, I observed her bringing the children and grandchildren, her own and those of members, to the Speaker’s Stand in celebration of the Change a Woman Speaker would hallmark. The first 100 Days grandiose proclaimations righting the ship, “draining the swamp” to rid the country of the corrupt Republican Culture.

Her “Parade Style,” begun with a promising step, degenerated utterly with her irresponsible CHOICE to cultivate a “counter-culture” of restricted debate, hand-cuffing those Republicans who survived re-election and commandeering the votes of Democrats with quid-pro-quo trade-outs to embellish her control over the Democratic Caucus. I guess we expected more of a matenal concern for the country than a cynical power play to consolidate her grip on the reigns that kept the Democrats marching by the Reviewing Stand to the Bold Progressive’s Beat. Nancy’s district enjoys phenomenal property values. San Francisco style liberalism made it a magnet for those whose off-beat lifestyles met with rejection in middle America. 434 other Congressional Districts were suddenly nullified by a Progressive Replacement “Golden Rule” equating money with power to the exclusion of any other Force. Foolish. Naughty, Naughty, Nancy. Your Co-Equal Power Wielders expected something much different. Women who represent the Majority had something else in mind by way of leadership from you.

Imagine our shock that you and another “Sister” Oprah Winfrey, suddenly became incommunicado having hooked up with “the One” who changed your brains, not your life. All that aside, nonetheless, we understand, girlfriend. The guy who plays us gets away with it as long as the romance is good, the jewelry gifts arrive regularly and we can brag that passion is sustained. What we don’t get is the Big Sister Act, cutting us out of the Will, manipulating the Family dynamic with something more like Cinderella’s Step Mother Maneuvers.

We at the Majority United make the call on our Sisters, Daughters, etc… but we failed to factor in that Omen: The Step Sister heritage. Along with those Twirl lessons, we learned Fairy Tale Tradition. For every Princess in Waiting, there’s at least one jealous female, associated by marriage of convenience, to make the story compelling. Heroines come and go, but Erica Kane reigned for decades as the grain of sand that irritated oysters enough to salve irritation into pearls.