Addressing Judicial Influence on Society


“Senator Sweeney is playing usual Trenton games. This time it is judicial roulette except the gun is pointed at the constitution. He may or may not be able to kill the constitution, but his game certainly threatens it. Senator Sweeney has brought the high court’s entire work into question. Who knows what damage this could cause. Stop the madness. Confirm Patterson.”

In many of Betty Jean’s pieces, we hear objections to the rulings of the presiding judge. I researched the story on yesterday’s Judge Jannine about a man whose sentence was commuted by Governor Christie after serving two of a 7 year sentence imposed by the judge whose appointment to the court was not renewed by Christie.

The Conservative, Christie, to get above the politics and take the reigns of New Jersey as Governor, has wise and responsible insight into restoring the balance of power in his State. This Governor is no hacker. The Citizens of New Jersey elected this professional for his “Just In Time” management mentality and dismissed any prestige he might boast by virtue of his previous connectedness to Powers-That-Might-Be in their choice for Governor. This is bad news for Democrats. The “Liberal” Left has brought a scythe down on the heads of any stable, moderate Democrat who was strong enough to withstand threats of Primary opponents by the Progressives and the Black Caucus to force the foot of Cinderella’s Step Sister, Barak Obama, into the Glass Slipper of the DNC. VERY BAD NEWS, INDEED!!!

Just like W’s “Mission Accomplished” banner, Obama’s “I Won!” to the Republican Leadership set a tone for this four year cycle on contention and Voter “Education.” The message the President sent with overtones of Chicago Style Pay-to-Play Politics has been “answered” by Christie’s back-to-basics reliance on sound governing principles.

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