Baby Joseph: Coming Home. Canadian Doctors: Death Panel Using the Courts?

“While we feel a geat deal of empathy for the parents, we held that their view was not in any way realistic, Joseph’s parents were blinded by their obvious love for their child.”

Justice Helen Rady

Ontario Consent & Capacity Board

Fox News brings focus on an issue where the Canadian Health Care System has given up on a citizen. ‘Blinded” by love for their child? To Judge Rady, I can only say: “NO!!!” Jesus Christ, NO!”

This Family is in no way BLINDED. They SEE.

As a Bureaucrat, hemmed in by your status and custom, it is you who are blinded, who is denied by obstacles to your sensibility, to honor this family.

In the United States, where Medical Choices are not bound by Socialized Medicine’s bottom line directive, Baby Joseph is welcome, has previously been “treated” for his seemingly hopeless condition, and has – by his father’s testimony – benefited therefrom. Yet the Province of Ontario has placed the infant under round-the-clock surveillance preventing the family from taking him home “to die” or to be transported to a Michigan hospital where his pro-active care can be resumed.

I am stricken by the similarity to this case that our own Betty Jean went through to save the life of her daughter, Louisa. Aside from the “Death Panel” documentary being thus borne out by the Canadian Health Care Apparatus, it is clear to right-thinking people that the Judicial System should not be in the business of advocating or expediting any patient’s demise. No family, unwilling to consent to such a choice, should face this as a business matter. As long as they have life, patients holding on have reason, and must, therefore be connected to their loved ones IN THIS WORLD.

To any of you ‘single payer’ providers and government-controlled health care advocates, I can only ask this: How is it that the Familly is “blinded” by their love for their child, but the System grinding to such a black & white, faithless decision isn’t utterly without standing in the matter in the first place?

Word to the Wise: Nothing is more certain than the likelihood that Joseph will survive, more-over, thrive in the United States where the medical teams who undertake his care are driven neither by threat of arrest nor by cynical expediency. To this family, every moment of this baby’s life is a gift from God. To anybody who might find themselves in Baby Joseph’s position: Step Back and Rethink this while you posess the capacity to think for yourselves.


2 responses to “Baby Joseph: Coming Home. Canadian Doctors: Death Panel Using the Courts?

  1. Oh but there are no death panels- Sarah is just an idiot! NOT
    There was a time when you had to fight to let someone die now you have to fight to let them live! We are heading for DEATH Panels – make no mistake.

    My daughter still lays in a nursing home getting as little as they can get away with when she deserves the best they have so she can recover!

  2. Indeed, my experience with the ICU team at UPMC Presby last summer gave me insight into the transcendent nature of the Healing Powers over the In-Business-for Profit Hospitals and Insurance. The Team that saved my husband’s life, then restored his health were focused squarely upon the patient in their care. Through constant monitoring and adaptation, interactive communication with each other and familly members, they made use of a prodigious system at their disposal to beat the 50/50 odds each patient faces upon admission. Medicare has contributed to the extended life expectancy of elderly Americans. What we have learned from their treatment should be adapted to reclaim the discarded prospects for living full lives for loved ones such as Louisa and Joseph.

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