Wisconsin 14 Learn The Power Of The Rules Of Order

Cheese Heads instruct the Democrats with a lesson in payback. Following two years during which Congressional Leadership abused the majorities issued in 2008 elections, the People have reversed the numbers. As a baseball fan who whiled away summers playing neighborhood round-robin, my understanding of Innings helps me to “read” the actions of the Democratic Minority, IT APPEARS the 14 Democrats are being well-managed, playing for that third out, hoping to survive by denying the Republicans a quorum. The games of State Legislatures, just like the games of the Administration, are won and lost in the ability to play by the Rules of Order. It’s a slam-dunk if they show up to work. The Republicans have a lock-on, pit bull determination to bust the Public Employees Union and have the numbers – thanks to the Voters – to get it done. The “bitch” of the pay-back is a tough one for hard-punching Union Leadership to eat.

Boorish abuse of their majorities, demonstrated by the “I Won” Neanderthal In Chief, has forced the Republicans into “Transactional Parent” mode. Failure to engage in the responsible exchange of “Win/Win” legislative conduct made the Democrats the neighborhood bullies. In response, the “Neighbors” were left with an unacceptable condition. The folks next door, enabled by their obnoxious “collective bargaining” tactics, enjoyed job tenure in jobs they worked 9 months per year PLUS almost weekly days off, for salaries their own private sector incomes don’t touch. The teachers next door had money to improve their properties, buy new cars, qualify for loans, even go on vacation! Their Neighbors, represented by Teachers’ Unions, were enjoying security while their own jobs and businesses were evaporating. The decision these tenured folks made to fail to show up for work ranks right up there with the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Union error of the Eighties.

Pressure is a fatigue-inducing condition. Responsibility is knowing when to ease the pressure and permit the REDISTRIBUTION necessary to take the next step. Unregulated pressure that just builds and builds is a strangler. Pressing an advantage, but with respect for the human dignity of the opponent is – or should be the restraining principle of these Public Servants. They must be reasonable enough to see both that they are fighting for themselves, but they are fighting against their neighbors! Know when to say “When!” On the playground, they held their mates up on the see-saw. Denied options, moms wanted ony to get the kids back into school so they could return to their own jobs. Concessions extorted by the collectively “bargaining” Teachers seemed cruelly selfish…these bastards are our neighbors, go to our churches,… their kids “play” with ours. Every parent forced to deal with teacher’s strikes came to internalize resentment towards their obnoxious neighbors. The property owners were losing their homes and jobs, borrowing from their savings to pay real estate taxes exploding to keep up with the Union demands. All the while, school performance diminished, violence and bullying made school a very dangerous place. Parochial, private and home schooling presented viable options, their value not subject to Union Leader’s tactics. Control. Freedom from Fear, isolation from – not the social experience of school, but from ANTI-SOCIAL behavior of the Union’s oppressive leadership and the neighbors KIDS!

In the spirit of Jacqueline Kennedy, folks yanked their kids out of a game set up to beat them. They found alternatives. Union Strength, just like the sort of Alpha Male strength appealing to Women, is demonstrated in generosity, consideration and the practice of taking that which has been acquired through strength and REDISTRIBUTING BY TEACHING the better way to those whom you hope would follow your leadership. In THIS WAY, Barak Obama, you spread the WEALTH. Wealth is not in that which has already been produced as profit. Wealth is not the money already visible on the table. Wealth is not gleaned by milking customers to the margin for franchised homogeneity.

WEALTH is manifested in our individual and collective worth as beings: educated, mutually supportive, gentle and nurturing – qualities associated with the professional TEACHER.

Bullying is nothing more than the reactionary behavior of a low-skill, frustrated person employed as a teacher, but neither by practice nor exercise, developed as an Educating Professional. Gentle People, engaged in the Teaching Profession should understand that their membership in a union is a double-edged sword by which they can both win benefits for themselves and lose honor by permitting their leadership to conduct themselves in ways they know they could not tolerate in a classroom and expect to succeed. Public employees need to bring their professional skills to the collective bargaining table. Go back to work. Get the show-boaters off the TV and bring in the solid colleagues you have come to know by their work. Manage the Pressure. But most importantly, understand the difference between discipline and punishment. By their Choices, the Voters are intent on encouraging discipline in their public institutions. Discipline shows in the manner by which goals are approached, evaluated and realized. Commit.

Jim Leyland, Detroit Tigers Manager, once the Florida Marlins and Pittsburgh Pirate’s Skipper, is a better way to show on-camera managerial skill in operation than what the TV now shows in the person of Richard Trumka. Leyland’s wheels turn and his command of the Rules of the Game is phenomenal. His adherence to the basics as the platform on which to build team unity is proven out in the joy both the players and the fans experience in being / seeing players who are good / better / great at what they do. Sure, they make great money as the result, but the quality of the team, the tactics and the SHOW are the hallmarks of a Leyland on-field product.

Hank Steinbrenner, calling out the Yankees for “celebrating and building mansions” instead of playing to win, channels his father in getting eye to eye with Big League professional athletes, and taking dominion over any shallow mercenaries to apply – appropriately – the pressure to perform if they expect to collect. Sincerely flattering the Steeler Nation – seen throughout the NFL, .. the World, the International Space Station waving Terrible Towels, the Yankee Part-Owner noted rivals tried to contrive a Red Sox Nation

…”Red Sox Nation? What a bunch of bullshit that is…That was a creation of the Red Sox and ESPN, which is filled with Red Sox fans…Go anywhere in America and you won’t see Red Sox hats and jackets, you’ll see Yankee hats and jackets. This is a Yankee country. We’re going to put the Yankees back on top and restore the universe to order.”

And thus the Yankee Pride is demonstrated. Tired, sportswriters’ cookie-cutter expressions, to the Fan, lack the “What I’ve Done For You Lately” substance that is the lifeblood of Rotisserie League cash flow. One thing I learned in sales: A winning team is good for business. World Series and Super Bowl Champs make for a proud community. Folks can let a lot slide when you deliver a winner. Drag in a dog that just costs money and won’t fetch, hunt or guard and you’d better hope they LOVE you if you want to stay “up.”

According to last November’s elections, the Democrats, the Unions and the high maintenance non-performers are getting no love from the folks. Maybe they blew it last Valentines Day when they failed to show up with flowers and a few ‘gifts’ for those they should have wooed. When Democrats pitch paying taxes as “Investing” they need to police their performing providers with the following heads-up:

5 Star Service designed to increase your intelligence, not insult it, so you can wave “Good Riddance” to some high-priced joker churning out cookie-cutter portfolios. Price is one thing: Value is another, Don’t confuse the two.

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