“I for one welcome our new computer overlords,” Ken Jennings

Me, too:)  Computers sit there, passive in possession of the information you want, awaiting your next move.  Maybe this could be adapted by the voters:  IBM may actually have something here…

Stop the bad guys with good information

Counteracting instances of threat and fraud involves acquiring trusted information, confirming identities and monitoring activity patterns. Like Watson, Identity Insight conducts analysis in real time and accumulates a growing body of context regarding people and their identities.
http://www-943.ibm.com/innovation/us/watson/watson-for-a-smarter-planet/building-a-jeopardy-champion.html   The technology developed to challenge Ken Jennings evolved in a THINK TANK.  From the information level to which most Americans have access: print & broadcast media, we get shades of, but not all of the information that would lead to better choices.  The complete works of Shakespeare, Encyclopedias, cook books, technical textbooks,… the servers holding the data Watson scans presently occupy a sizeable room.  Hmmmm…..
In the 50’s, the computer itself took that much space.  The Job Control Language to run a given program consisted of blocks of punch cards and required 24/7 attention.  Computers required dust-free, air conditioned  rooms and on-site IBM consultants to get a day’s work out of them.  Then came circuit boards with all wires and tubes welded in place.  The chip and other intelligence processors reduced both the size and the fragility of these little drones which appealed to kids for what?   Video games.  
Today, just as legions of Angels balance on the point of a pin, physical substance of the Computer has vaporized into action and performance you don’t see, but you see the results.  The body of proven knowledge presently housed in the Watson’s servers will ultimately condense itself into programmable probabilities.  From repetetive use, the typical Watson (you betcha, there’ll be more of these) will “understand” the tendencies of its respective user and coallate the most frequently used material into an even tighter, more readily accessible zone.  “Travel Time” is one of the things that makes computers have to work.  The manner in which data is stored determines the speed by which the unit delivers.  Savvy programmers duplicate data wherever the paths can be removed.  In a few generations, the Watson of the future will have condensed the most human data into something as small as the laptop on which I am producing this piece.  
Thus I expect to live about 200 years and be part of the leadership that dispenses with the politics and gets governing on factual, proven paths to our original mission as a nation:  To form a more perfect union.  In moments like these, as I ponder the potential of humankind, I cannot think negative thoughts about those with whom I disagree.  An entity like Watson reassures me that the work to which I gravitate is – not a waste of time, nor a frivolous obsession, but my valid contribution to the experts we all promise to be.  
Sarah Palin references the way she is “wired” as the reason she processes information and chooses the road she takes.  Her leadership track is a Ground Breaking, NOT a Rules Breaking approach.  Beyond the Crowd, Leaders see things differently.  She is, like Bill Clinton is, a multi-level processor of data.  In her life, she has made choices that get results.  Her decisions are based on what she knows, experiences and proves with substantive basis.  She doesn’t seek approval.  She works with IT.  Beyond the readily assembled crowds Google “execs” have demonstrated ability to produce, Palin takes Social Media and controls electronic media with sensible, irrefutable data.  She synchronizes thinking with indisputable connections.  Thinkers recognize, and by contrast, manipulators are unmasked.  Watson proved that human language and a data bank can be combined to explode misconceptions of who controls what…of Power itself.  Where once, it was contended that Knowledge is Power, Watson rings around that concept with a more pointed assertion:  It is a combination of what you KNOW and where you apply it that enhances your stability.  I can only hope that the matter that presently dominates my thoughts, the lame Democratic Leadership, enslaved by the Progressive Agenda, will find itself on Watson’s List of things to clean up.  
Observing Nancy Pelosi, who mysteriously remained in her chair of the Democratic Congressional Caucus despite the massive defeats her colleagues suffered in November, I am convinced that manipulation of data works on Elected Representatives.  Or maybe, it works on men.  Maybe the proven fundraising she has done continues to shore up her status,  But NOBODY who processes data with the evenness of the mission to arrive at a more perfect union can take her seriously.  She is full of bullshit.  She is derailing the debate in the interest of Lord knows what.  Obama & his White House are in a Land of the Lost still out of their league where factual, demonstrated truth is refuted as though we’re all too stupid to question his veracity. 
Watson: I can’t say enough how I am looking forward to working with you!   

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