As Howard Dean Saw The O’Reilley/Obama Super Bowl Interview

His remarks about the question directed to Obama about whether he was a Redistributor of Wealth, which he promptly denied. Howard’s take:

What Governments DO is redistribute… The PURPOSE of government is to make sure that Capitalism works for everybody, not just for the people who can run roughshod – as they do, often, in Washington – and as the Chamber (of Commerce) has – by throwing money around. So he (Obama) missed that one because O’Reilley laid out… framed the proposition, as the Right Wing so often does. The President didn’t see the frame and answered the question straight up.”

Howard: Throwing Money Around? I have two words for you; GEORGE SOROS.
Howard: Running “roughshod” !?! Do you have ANY recollection of the Media-Glamorized Chicago Style, bare knuckle pushback? Do you at least have the “scent” yet of the XX?
50%+ of the population/electorate/viewership doesn’t ask for slavish adherence to “what women want” and merely, rightly expect their sheer NUMBERS to prompt the reasonable, intelligent, conversant-with-the-System response to the level of communication coming from that SYSTEM.

Here’s how a Woman sees it: “BABY’s crying.
1 – Get up, check in with baby
2 – Figure out baby’s issue (diaper? hunger? teeth? comfort?)
3 – Address the baby’s need

Result: Baby satisfaction. Back to whatever it was you were doing.

Here’s how Howard Dean / Nancy Pelosi / Harry Reed / Barak Obama saw it:

Baby cries:
DNC – “That is nothing more than a dependent, powerless baby! “I’m the Daddy!” Where else is the Baby going to go?
Result: the Rash (either way.) you get the rash, naieve but testosterone-driven “I’m-the-hottest!” young punk instead of a system-savvy, well-coordinated team of responders capable of interacting effectively with all disciplines. The rash, ADD, ruthless ignoramus on a macho trip so foolish as to brag about GAMING THE SYSTEM.

Accomplished System People who maintain their security clearance and make a living there know this: NOBODY WHO WORKS expects a GAME to beat a worked system.________________
Uncle Gay: Supervised Play…Hobbyist, gentle and nurturing, communicates the importance of
stepping through the proscribed steps, understanding the PURPOSE of the System, acting ON PURPOSE with responsible intent and intent on maintaining
Balance by reading and understanding the flags in reports, going back and reworking the errors, cleaning up the seemingly “distracting” numbers and always, always always restore BALANCE.
REPEAT. This approach fosters stability. Investors like stability. Large numbers reveal. In a system that’s worked responsibly, phonies cannot hide. They appear in the reports, skew the balance and demand to be corrected. Over the years, they are, likewise, revealed via LARGE NUMBERS…known as aging.

If 52% doesn’t qualify as large numbers to YOU, Howard, I just wonder about you.


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