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Addressing Judicial Influence on Society


“Senator Sweeney is playing usual Trenton games. This time it is judicial roulette except the gun is pointed at the constitution. He may or may not be able to kill the constitution, but his game certainly threatens it. Senator Sweeney has brought the high court’s entire work into question. Who knows what damage this could cause. Stop the madness. Confirm Patterson.”

In many of Betty Jean’s pieces, we hear objections to the rulings of the presiding judge. I researched the story on yesterday’s Judge Jannine about a man whose sentence was commuted by Governor Christie after serving two of a 7 year sentence imposed by the judge whose appointment to the court was not renewed by Christie.

The Conservative, Christie, to get above the politics and take the reigns of New Jersey as Governor, has wise and responsible insight into restoring the balance of power in his State. This Governor is no hacker. The Citizens of New Jersey elected this professional for his “Just In Time” management mentality and dismissed any prestige he might boast by virtue of his previous connectedness to Powers-That-Might-Be in their choice for Governor. This is bad news for Democrats. The “Liberal” Left has brought a scythe down on the heads of any stable, moderate Democrat who was strong enough to withstand threats of Primary opponents by the Progressives and the Black Caucus to force the foot of Cinderella’s Step Sister, Barak Obama, into the Glass Slipper of the DNC. VERY BAD NEWS, INDEED!!!

Just like W’s “Mission Accomplished” banner, Obama’s “I Won!” to the Republican Leadership set a tone for this four year cycle on contention and Voter “Education.” The message the President sent with overtones of Chicago Style Pay-to-Play Politics has been “answered” by Christie’s back-to-basics reliance on sound governing principles.

Baby Joseph: Coming Home. Canadian Doctors: Death Panel Using the Courts?

“While we feel a geat deal of empathy for the parents, we held that their view was not in any way realistic, Joseph’s parents were blinded by their obvious love for their child.”

Justice Helen Rady

Ontario Consent & Capacity Board

Fox News brings focus on an issue where the Canadian Health Care System has given up on a citizen. ‘Blinded” by love for their child? To Judge Rady, I can only say: “NO!!!” Jesus Christ, NO!”

This Family is in no way BLINDED. They SEE.

As a Bureaucrat, hemmed in by your status and custom, it is you who are blinded, who is denied by obstacles to your sensibility, to honor this family.

In the United States, where Medical Choices are not bound by Socialized Medicine’s bottom line directive, Baby Joseph is welcome, has previously been “treated” for his seemingly hopeless condition, and has – by his father’s testimony – benefited therefrom. Yet the Province of Ontario has placed the infant under round-the-clock surveillance preventing the family from taking him home “to die” or to be transported to a Michigan hospital where his pro-active care can be resumed.

I am stricken by the similarity to this case that our own Betty Jean went through to save the life of her daughter, Louisa. Aside from the “Death Panel” documentary being thus borne out by the Canadian Health Care Apparatus, it is clear to right-thinking people that the Judicial System should not be in the business of advocating or expediting any patient’s demise. No family, unwilling to consent to such a choice, should face this as a business matter. As long as they have life, patients holding on have reason, and must, therefore be connected to their loved ones IN THIS WORLD.

To any of you ‘single payer’ providers and government-controlled health care advocates, I can only ask this: How is it that the Familly is “blinded” by their love for their child, but the System grinding to such a black & white, faithless decision isn’t utterly without standing in the matter in the first place?

Word to the Wise: Nothing is more certain than the likelihood that Joseph will survive, more-over, thrive in the United States where the medical teams who undertake his care are driven neither by threat of arrest nor by cynical expediency. To this family, every moment of this baby’s life is a gift from God. To anybody who might find themselves in Baby Joseph’s position: Step Back and Rethink this while you posess the capacity to think for yourselves.

Wisconsin 14 Learn The Power Of The Rules Of Order

Cheese Heads instruct the Democrats with a lesson in payback. Following two years during which Congressional Leadership abused the majorities issued in 2008 elections, the People have reversed the numbers. As a baseball fan who whiled away summers playing neighborhood round-robin, my understanding of Innings helps me to “read” the actions of the Democratic Minority, IT APPEARS the 14 Democrats are being well-managed, playing for that third out, hoping to survive by denying the Republicans a quorum. The games of State Legislatures, just like the games of the Administration, are won and lost in the ability to play by the Rules of Order. It’s a slam-dunk if they show up to work. The Republicans have a lock-on, pit bull determination to bust the Public Employees Union and have the numbers – thanks to the Voters – to get it done. The “bitch” of the pay-back is a tough one for hard-punching Union Leadership to eat.

Boorish abuse of their majorities, demonstrated by the “I Won” Neanderthal In Chief, has forced the Republicans into “Transactional Parent” mode. Failure to engage in the responsible exchange of “Win/Win” legislative conduct made the Democrats the neighborhood bullies. In response, the “Neighbors” were left with an unacceptable condition. The folks next door, enabled by their obnoxious “collective bargaining” tactics, enjoyed job tenure in jobs they worked 9 months per year PLUS almost weekly days off, for salaries their own private sector incomes don’t touch. The teachers next door had money to improve their properties, buy new cars, qualify for loans, even go on vacation! Their Neighbors, represented by Teachers’ Unions, were enjoying security while their own jobs and businesses were evaporating. The decision these tenured folks made to fail to show up for work ranks right up there with the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Union error of the Eighties.

Pressure is a fatigue-inducing condition. Responsibility is knowing when to ease the pressure and permit the REDISTRIBUTION necessary to take the next step. Unregulated pressure that just builds and builds is a strangler. Pressing an advantage, but with respect for the human dignity of the opponent is – or should be the restraining principle of these Public Servants. They must be reasonable enough to see both that they are fighting for themselves, but they are fighting against their neighbors! Know when to say “When!” On the playground, they held their mates up on the see-saw. Denied options, moms wanted ony to get the kids back into school so they could return to their own jobs. Concessions extorted by the collectively “bargaining” Teachers seemed cruelly selfish…these bastards are our neighbors, go to our churches,… their kids “play” with ours. Every parent forced to deal with teacher’s strikes came to internalize resentment towards their obnoxious neighbors. The property owners were losing their homes and jobs, borrowing from their savings to pay real estate taxes exploding to keep up with the Union demands. All the while, school performance diminished, violence and bullying made school a very dangerous place. Parochial, private and home schooling presented viable options, their value not subject to Union Leader’s tactics. Control. Freedom from Fear, isolation from – not the social experience of school, but from ANTI-SOCIAL behavior of the Union’s oppressive leadership and the neighbors KIDS!

In the spirit of Jacqueline Kennedy, folks yanked their kids out of a game set up to beat them. They found alternatives. Union Strength, just like the sort of Alpha Male strength appealing to Women, is demonstrated in generosity, consideration and the practice of taking that which has been acquired through strength and REDISTRIBUTING BY TEACHING the better way to those whom you hope would follow your leadership. In THIS WAY, Barak Obama, you spread the WEALTH. Wealth is not in that which has already been produced as profit. Wealth is not the money already visible on the table. Wealth is not gleaned by milking customers to the margin for franchised homogeneity.

WEALTH is manifested in our individual and collective worth as beings: educated, mutually supportive, gentle and nurturing – qualities associated with the professional TEACHER.

Bullying is nothing more than the reactionary behavior of a low-skill, frustrated person employed as a teacher, but neither by practice nor exercise, developed as an Educating Professional. Gentle People, engaged in the Teaching Profession should understand that their membership in a union is a double-edged sword by which they can both win benefits for themselves and lose honor by permitting their leadership to conduct themselves in ways they know they could not tolerate in a classroom and expect to succeed. Public employees need to bring their professional skills to the collective bargaining table. Go back to work. Get the show-boaters off the TV and bring in the solid colleagues you have come to know by their work. Manage the Pressure. But most importantly, understand the difference between discipline and punishment. By their Choices, the Voters are intent on encouraging discipline in their public institutions. Discipline shows in the manner by which goals are approached, evaluated and realized. Commit.

Jim Leyland, Detroit Tigers Manager, once the Florida Marlins and Pittsburgh Pirate’s Skipper, is a better way to show on-camera managerial skill in operation than what the TV now shows in the person of Richard Trumka. Leyland’s wheels turn and his command of the Rules of the Game is phenomenal. His adherence to the basics as the platform on which to build team unity is proven out in the joy both the players and the fans experience in being / seeing players who are good / better / great at what they do. Sure, they make great money as the result, but the quality of the team, the tactics and the SHOW are the hallmarks of a Leyland on-field product.

Hank Steinbrenner, calling out the Yankees for “celebrating and building mansions” instead of playing to win, channels his father in getting eye to eye with Big League professional athletes, and taking dominion over any shallow mercenaries to apply – appropriately – the pressure to perform if they expect to collect. Sincerely flattering the Steeler Nation – seen throughout the NFL, .. the World, the International Space Station waving Terrible Towels, the Yankee Part-Owner noted rivals tried to contrive a Red Sox Nation

…”Red Sox Nation? What a bunch of bullshit that is…That was a creation of the Red Sox and ESPN, which is filled with Red Sox fans…Go anywhere in America and you won’t see Red Sox hats and jackets, you’ll see Yankee hats and jackets. This is a Yankee country. We’re going to put the Yankees back on top and restore the universe to order.”

And thus the Yankee Pride is demonstrated. Tired, sportswriters’ cookie-cutter expressions, to the Fan, lack the “What I’ve Done For You Lately” substance that is the lifeblood of Rotisserie League cash flow. One thing I learned in sales: A winning team is good for business. World Series and Super Bowl Champs make for a proud community. Folks can let a lot slide when you deliver a winner. Drag in a dog that just costs money and won’t fetch, hunt or guard and you’d better hope they LOVE you if you want to stay “up.”

According to last November’s elections, the Democrats, the Unions and the high maintenance non-performers are getting no love from the folks. Maybe they blew it last Valentines Day when they failed to show up with flowers and a few ‘gifts’ for those they should have wooed. When Democrats pitch paying taxes as “Investing” they need to police their performing providers with the following heads-up:

5 Star Service designed to increase your intelligence, not insult it, so you can wave “Good Riddance” to some high-priced joker churning out cookie-cutter portfolios. Price is one thing: Value is another, Don’t confuse the two.

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Open Letter To Tina Mengine, Campaign Manager of Defeated Democrat, Kathy Dahlkemper – PA 3rd


First, let me extend my sincere regret that the Progressives of the 3rd District were more interested in taking down Altmire, the sitting Democrat in the 4th than in re-electing their own Democrat. Women suffered a true loss when Kathy didn’t receive the support she needed to prevail:(

Although Congress Woman Dahlkemper did a valiant job of rationalizing her vote for the health care bill, she missed keeping her campaign promise; that she was going to DC as a Business Woman and Health Care Professional who would expect the numbers to be there to substantiate her support. In the Voters’ eyes, she let them down. Impatient young men, pushing an agenda, failed to find common ground in the nearly two years they pushed this in the faces of Americans attending town halls, and Kathy could do nothing to tame them.

Sure, the daily kos gets lots of “play” as the domain of Obama-addled young men jockeying for attention whose contempt for Woman is notorious. You should go to the blogs of women like RiverDaughter and others of the “Just Say No Deal Coalition” to learn how the trolls drummed out any posters who didn’t offer slavish devotion to the Obama candidacy in 2008. While liberal young women can be found in the Progressive movement, the price for being permitted to hang around is the unquestioning supporting the Obama Agenda. Those who have been stiffed by the DNC’s elevation of the chosen one are showing THEIR displeasure with these punks – AT THE POLLS! Kathy was sent that message in November. Her counterpart in the 4th, Jason Altmire, survived his re-election challenge because he

1. Appeared almost daily on Fox to demonstrate respect for his Constituents and
2. Delivered on his pledge to vote down any measures that did not contain and reign in the costs of health care.

The Judicial Elections of 2009 went exactly as I had predicted. Because of the support of self-respecting Women and their male colleagues, I survived the vicious complaint taken against me by the male trolls of the BCDC who endeavored to punish me for being a traditional Democrat opposed to the Progressive threats to run Primary challenges to Super Delegate Democrats who didn’t support Obama. While Kathy may have faced pressure from her Caucus, she forgot too soon how the DCCC extracted performance from her before they would get involved financially in her initial race. As I had predicted, Women voters in Pennsylvania went down the list and from Supreme Court through the local judicial openings elected one Republican Woman after another, then, flipping the Bird to the Democrats, pressed VOTE and were done with it.

The State Committee Meeting in Hershey was a resounding demonstration that the Progressives, (Posing as Democrats) will AGAIN lose an opportunity to land a seat on Commonwealth Court because they essentially endorsed a woman from the East WHO IS TOO YOUNG AND TOO UNPROVEN to be taken seriously as a Judge! The Males of the Democratic Party have so manipulated the women running for office that the time has come to speak up.

WOMEN, UNLIKE COLLEGE KIDS, VOTE reliably and purposefully. I’m still ROTFLMAO at James Carville’s piece about Democrats having the majority for the next 40 years because they have mobilized the Youth.

While Kathy was willing to go along to get along with the Bully President and his Trolls, she failed to cover herself. I’d be interested to know how it is that NANCY PELOSI, whose resolute determination to press an agenda rather than deal with the bread-and-butter issues of urgent importance to the voters, managed to face down a challenge from the Men of the Democratic Congressional Caucus and retain her chair.

Melissa Hart was unceremoniously removed from her seat for one reason: She had become a partisan hack, a guaranteed shill in the pocket of Karl Rove and George W. Bush, in LOCK STEP with the Republicans who had been elected to work for the people and who were representing, not the interests of their Constituents, but advancing the outrageous abuses of the Republican Party at the expense of the Country. The Health Care Bill, Kathy’s valiant rationalization not-with-standing, is PERCEIVED as no less a fiscal disaster as the Iraq war. Just as Cheyney’s Haliburton / Blackwater connections were given free access to the public trough, Obama’s 2,000 plus page health care legislation is viewed by the average woman WHO LABORS IN THE SECRETARIAL POOL, ADMINISTRATION OFFICES AND at the PURCHASING desks of America’s businesses, professional corporations and Hospitals, as a transparent attempt to give cover to those who would play on The People’s Trust to milk the treasury for their own purposes. The notion that millions of sick people can be dumped into the country’s health care apparatus without breaking its back is absurd. Why the Democrats were unwilling to listen to the wise constituents who wanted them to try out various approaches on the State Level before trying to impose a One-Size-Fits-All standard, which never fits any, was a concern that aroused most Voters and Health Care users suspicions. This, more than anything else, has fostered opposition.

Couple that with Women “of a certain age” – YOU KNOW, the “few” disgruntled PUMAS who had “nowhere else to go” and who endured an unconscionable STIFFING by the women whom they elected (cough, Claire McCaskill) TO REPRESENT THEM!!! Oprah, whose support comes largely from Women, proved it was way more about being black than about being a woman, and the Women of Color consider the accusations of racism their ticket to ride the backs of their white sisters to positions of control whereby they can conduct the type of outrageous corruption as was demonstrated at the May 31, 2008 Rules & By Laws Committee hearing.

The Progressives who came out in support of Kathy and Joe Sestak in Butler County were the kiss of death for both candidates. Go down the list of people who typically win elections in Butler County and note how WOMEN win the Independent and Traditional Female Democrat’s vote. I had to knock on an average of Eighteen (18) REGISTERED DEMOCRAT’S doors last year to get a single signature on nominating petitions for Democratic Candidates. People just absolutely refused to put their names on the documents, to be associated with that in any way. They did, however, take the opportunity to give ME an earful which they acknowledged would probably hold no weight to the MEN of the Democratic Party, although I had been elected to represent their sentiments. I have suspended my attendance at County Committee meetings because I cannot even finish a SENTENCE, after respectfully sitting through the bullshit the cronies of Larry Kriess spew, without being interrupted and crudely denied voice by cranks using the Rules of Order as weapons.

The point of my email, and the message I left on your phone yesterday has to do with this:

Kathy was owed more by the DCCC and she didn’t get it. Kathy did her part and GOT STIFFED by Nancy Pelosi and the men of the party who remain arrogantly cushioned by their own tenure during which they have amassed enough corrupt associates to cover their behinds no matter what they do. When they shoved aside Carolyn Maloney who HAD EARNED, by virtue of the confidence invested in her BY HER CONSTITUENTS, the PRIVILEGES APERTAINING THEREUNTO, ie: ranking member on the Oversight Committee, the Democrats proved the ruthlessness with which they are taking it to White Women, vehicle of choice: the Black Caucus. When I asked Jason how he voted on the move to elevate Cummings over Maloney, he stated that Maloney was “weird” and asserted that paths to leadership were not blockaded to women, using as examples, the Speaker, a woman and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (who sold out the 1/2 voters of Florida and played their misogynist game as pay-up to have the Leadership Post bestowed on her in the first place.) The Women – who have paid their dues as Democrats – have gotten the message which is borne out by the votes in the Democratic Caucus. The Progressive men exploit the foolish young women throwing in with the “pay to play” Obama Knuckle-Dragging Chicago Mob.

To the Women who endured the insult, his support of Cummings constituted proof that while Altmire might vote the will of his Constituents on the Issues to preserve his job, his votes in the Democratic Caucus have consistently denied Traditional Democratic Women who hold or aspire to higher office, their rightful status DESPITE overwhelming preference for specific female candidates DEMONSTRATED BY HIS DISTRICT. Trolls like Larry Kriess and David Axlerod can shrug it off as “Politics” but Women of Social Insight recognize it as Organized Crime and WILL bring it to a halt. The only ABORTION Rights these ladies will defend is the right to abort the attempt by Progressives to take over the Democratic Party; refusing to support them, volunteer or vote for them.

Men of Steel Mills, Coal Mines and Small Business RESPECT the administrative competence of Women whom they credit for everything they own and have achieved in life. The “progressive” trend to dismiss the rules that don’t serve their agenda has gotten old with Women Voters. (NOT young, foolish, hormone-driven women, but the establishment, expert, socially connected women being insulted by this dismissive crap.) They go into the voting booth, stick it to the Democrats and silently leave, their “Voice” asserted. Back to the business of raising children to respect the zero tolerance policy against bullying while the President relies on his bully pulpit – for lack of viable skills or relationships – as his Go To tactic in dealing with Opposition.

The Elders of the Democratic Party are not impressed by the mouthy, arrogant kids raising money from the foolish and the questionable, possibly foreign interests, in paltry amounts. THEIR interests are not served, and therefore, their checkbooks don’t open, they never encourage their Friends and Family to vote for Democrats and they take supreme satisfaction in watching the Dems go
DOWN on Election Night.
That Joe Sestak was willing to accept Soros money to savage Pennsylvania’s powerful Senator demonstrated his incompetence and unsuitability for that level of leadership. He let the Big Dawg take the blame to keep the entire administration from toppling providing Bill with the opportunity to prove how responsible and patriotic the Clintons are. Sestak, the idiot, tossed aside a Congressional Seat and deprived the people of Pennsylvania of their ranking Senator.

Yeah, here’s four words to express our view of that: “Party Unity My Ass!”

At the recent Democratoc State Committee meeting, Kathryn Boockvar played the men who, unbeknownst to her, were playing her and her vaunted “organization” to shove Barb Ernsberger – who had soundly kicked the County Chairs’ and PA Bar Assn asses in 2009, aside…Boockvar played right into their hands and, as her reward, will get some pent-up animosity flung in her face on the campaign trail from the legitimate “Get Out The Vote” Pros who’ve been shoved aside along with Barb.

If there were no seasoned, established women in the Party to turn to, a too-young candidate of any gender might be supported, but the trend, moreover the disrespectful Policy of cheating Women out of their rightful status has made for some re-thinking on the part of here-to-fore loyal Democratic Women Voters, joined by their respectful male family members and colleagues. Why should we support a Party that so pointedly refuses to support us when we are in line to receive the legitimate benefits of our loyalty? Their campaign fundraising troubles reflect what Hillary Clinton cautioned in her addresses on Womens Rights: The prosperity of a Nation, an Organization, a Family has a direct connection to the way their treat their women in areas of education, employment and personal security.

Trust me: that defeat your Camp suffered last November was HANDED to you by Women, registered Democrat, Voters who refuse to just Eat It when their status is diminished by a Party that pays no more than lip service to Gender Equity. Without their support, no Democratic candidate can hope to successfully run for election. Until this grave indiscretion is acknowledged and corrected, Women will continue to serenade the Democratic Party with what the men are tired of hearing; this tiresome drum beat. Getting the KIDS riled up against lobbyists and back room deals, then CONDUCTING THEIR OWN BACK ROOM DEALS to cut women out, cuts to the very heart of why Women are Democrats: Equal Access to Opportunity. It is my understanding that professional (not religious, kept) women are encountering a similarly oppressive abuse in the Republican Party presently controlled in Butler County by Darryl Metcalf who ADMITS to putting 65% of his efforts into getting re-elected…. – This in order to acquire, via seniority, control of the Legislature. In Politics, two things count: Seniority and Numbers..

HERE’S SOMETHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: Adopt the tradition of the Males (I cannot bring myself to call them “men”) of the Progressive persuasion, here is what they have taught us:

* Threaten Primary Challenges to induce sitting Democrats to rubber-stamp their agenda,
* Enforce “Party Unity” to deny opponents endorsements to challenge their free ride, BUT, NEVER FAIL TO
* Disregard the endorsements of the State Committee OR the Democratic Voters of Pennsylvania when you can find a hapless Candidate willing to slander establishment sitting Democrats and take them down
* Conduct a take-over of the established Democratic Brand through politically destructive, scorched earth practices and replace it with that insipid O Flow Logo.

All this when they, themselves CANNOT WIN GENERAL ELECTIONS ON THEIR IDEAS AND IDEOLOGY!!! Reason: their reputation for One Way Street, Pay-to-Play naivete.

I am the first to acknowledge that Women are no better than men when it comes to willingness to bend roolz to advance their own interests. But having done so, by – say – supporting a questionable candidate, (cough, John Edwards) they don’t appreciate the lack of reciprocity. Who doesn’t drop a so-called- friend who has come to all their parties and then doesn’t invite them to theirs?

I didn’t attend Bob Casey’s “Brewskis With Bob” at the State Committee Meeting. It is clear, now that Casey intends to take over the Party with his Progressive Minions. The Rumor is that Joe Sestak will try to parlay his first lap around the track to take another shot at a Senate seat. Thus, two established male candidates, one an incumbent, will be running for the 2nd Senate Seat in PA. There are TONS of voters out there who are pissed off at Sestak for his conduct last year.

Likewise, Casey fails to understand how many of us had to set aside our differences with him to endorse, support and get him elected. ” dumprick ” wasn’t about electing Bob Casey, it was about taking down Santorum. Altmire’s success in the 4th was partly due to the anti-Santorum / Hart wave among Beaver County Democrats whose willingness to routinely send Mike Veon back to the House was, in part, because he played ball with the women of his constituency…not meaningless, toothless pap, but grab-em-by-their-wallets tools for the prevention of violence against women and discrimination in the workplace. With Veon gone, the Establishment Beaver County Dems are happy to permit the “progressives” of their district to get their butts kicked for foolishly subjecting their deal-cutting, back room Ace to the “Investigative” Bonusgate outrage of the Republican Party. The fate of Jane Claire and Janine Orie will be determined, I’m afraid, by this testimony:

“Rasmussen estimated she spent 20 percent to 45 percent of her legislative work day on campaign tasks,
but said that could rise to 75 percent in periods leading up to a campaign fundraiser.”

The voters know this stuff goes on and are willing to indulge a bit of it in the interest of getting THEIR business taken care of as part of the deal. But when someone with whom you believed you were cutting a deal turns all “Above It” on you and plays the “I won’t let lobbyists run my White House” game, you’re fucked and the voters know it. Thus, the loss of DeWeese and Veon from the House Leadership rendered crooks like Mike Turzai fully functional to do the very same thing…which he was already doing in his own district! Democrats are dumb as dirt. They throw out their sitting Judges for corruption to hand the halls over to the corrupt Republicans. From personal experience, I know that everybody DOESN’T DO IT. The late Catherine Baker Knoll and Northwest Caucus Chairman, Mark Longietti scrupulously refered all political calls to their campaign offices.

I predict that David Wecht will handily win a seat on the Superior Court on the strength of the Voter’s appreciation for his Father’s creative use of the Coroner’s Office to get the local wags all the inside dirt on high profile cases. Believe me, the fans consider it a price they readily pay. Mary Beth Buchanan, on the other hand, couldn’t even get out of the gate – losing to a first rate toadie of Melissa Hart’s. Now there’s a Woman whom the Woman’s Vote couldn’t save in a zillion years…JUST LIKE LINDA SCHOETTKER. ….but I digress…..

Kathy needs to get up on her hind legs and express indignation with the Men of the Democratic Party for colluding against Women in the ill-conceived Progressive Take Over.” The brats cannot sustain elective supremacy, and can only rile up the kids to take down sitting dems in the primaries. Women, stable, substantial and situated to spoil, on the other hand, await their Champion.

I urge you to propose that Kathy consider challenging Casey for the Senate Nomination. She will discover, as did Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, that the Majority is united behind giving Women equal representation by responsible Female Candidates who faithfully discharge the duties of their offices in serving the interests of their Constituents, not their Parties.

Her Pro Life vote, which was out of balance with her Pro Business reputation, fostered distrust by the voters. A Primary Challenge to Casey will give her the opportunity to recover her political integrity and reclaim, for the Women of Pennsylvania, the dignity they should enjoy. It will improve the likelihood that Pennsylvania will have at least one Democratic Senator, because I know most women who supported Casey against Santorum will find his Vendetta-driven opposition to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid offensive. The Opportunity to Vote for a Woman President in our lifetime cannot be undervalued. It will also send a message to the massive numbers of Registered Democratic Women Voters, Volunteers and Contributors that the Upstart Progressives are finished. Until Women make up 50% of the Representation in Congress, and especially the Senate, we are suffering taxation without representation. While blacks comprise less than twenty percent of the population, the tactics and antics of the Black Caucus cost good Women seats and advancement they have rightfully earned. They are, likewise, represented in disproportion to their numbers and any attempt to dismiss this point as racist defies the fact that Women, too, can count,,, AND keep score!.

Kathy has a shot. Mike Kelly, a Cadillac Dealer, beat her at the polls in the tradition of Phil English, himself a member of a dealership family. Obama’s take-over of GM was a true galvanizer for those business people and don’t think the average Kelly car buyer didn’t understand it. I personally am totally frosted that I cannot replace my vehicle, which just turned 190,000 miles, with another Saturn. What a dick Obama is!

I have served as State Committee Representative for seven years and was Secretary to both the Butler County Democratic Committee and DPAC for five of those years. The competent professional people and activists, with whom I worked most effectively, largely abandoned the party-building efforts in the face of the criminal behavior of Joe Talarico and his “Progressive” creeps. Most of the voters who supported Kathy in her first bid for election didn’t need MONEY to induce them to back her – they saw what they needed to see: she came anywhere there were voters who would speak with her. She conducted herself in a professionally crisp, respectful way. Her political weight would have been immeasurably embellished had she just voted her business sensibility and stood ground with the Blue Dawg Fiscal Conservatives. That was her only error. When she changed her vote behind Stupak’s resignation stunt, she became the lynchpin for the Democrats’ Defeat. Had she held solid, she would most likely have won Sarah Palin and the Tea Party’s support. Instead of playing the Victim Card to raise campaign funds when the “cross hairs” were focused on her district, the staff should have played up the pressure she was withstanding from Obama’s Base, (not hers) to deliver on her campaign promise of fiscal integrity. That was her moment. Where are all those flaccid, disrespectful progressive shills now? They have accused me of “voting the vagina” and – frankly – that’s more secure footing than any Democrat will enjoy in 2012…there’s nothing, short of impeaching Obama for incompetence, that will save them. Voters who aren’t represented by Organized Labor and who are losing their homes and jobs while Unions procure debt to prop up that empty suit are growing increasingly more resentful of Teachers who strike for increases while the rest of us are cut to the bone. It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t know in our heart of hearts that Obama’s friends are taking us to the cleaners all the while calling us racist.

The one element of Leadership that is of essential worth and potential in today’s economic reality is a President who can motivate us to get out and Work, Work, Work, secure in the knowledge that WE, not the freeloaders, will reap the rewards of our efforts. Once we are back on our feet, it is OUR prerogative, not HIS, to give assistance to those who will not step out of their comfort zones and expend the necessary effort and risk to enjoy economic prosperity. Until those reassurances are in place, Americans will continue to flourish “under the table” denying the shake-down artists in the employ of the Federal Government the revenues they consider their tribute because they are public employees. (Not Public Servants, in their minds, but Quasi Lords to whom the People owe the means to support the standard of living to which they wish to grow accustomed.)

“I for one welcome our new computer overlords,” Ken Jennings

Me, too:)  Computers sit there, passive in possession of the information you want, awaiting your next move.  Maybe this could be adapted by the voters:  IBM may actually have something here…

Stop the bad guys with good information

Counteracting instances of threat and fraud involves acquiring trusted information, confirming identities and monitoring activity patterns. Like Watson, Identity Insight conducts analysis in real time and accumulates a growing body of context regarding people and their identities.   The technology developed to challenge Ken Jennings evolved in a THINK TANK.  From the information level to which most Americans have access: print & broadcast media, we get shades of, but not all of the information that would lead to better choices.  The complete works of Shakespeare, Encyclopedias, cook books, technical textbooks,… the servers holding the data Watson scans presently occupy a sizeable room.  Hmmmm…..
In the 50’s, the computer itself took that much space.  The Job Control Language to run a given program consisted of blocks of punch cards and required 24/7 attention.  Computers required dust-free, air conditioned  rooms and on-site IBM consultants to get a day’s work out of them.  Then came circuit boards with all wires and tubes welded in place.  The chip and other intelligence processors reduced both the size and the fragility of these little drones which appealed to kids for what?   Video games.  
Today, just as legions of Angels balance on the point of a pin, physical substance of the Computer has vaporized into action and performance you don’t see, but you see the results.  The body of proven knowledge presently housed in the Watson’s servers will ultimately condense itself into programmable probabilities.  From repetetive use, the typical Watson (you betcha, there’ll be more of these) will “understand” the tendencies of its respective user and coallate the most frequently used material into an even tighter, more readily accessible zone.  “Travel Time” is one of the things that makes computers have to work.  The manner in which data is stored determines the speed by which the unit delivers.  Savvy programmers duplicate data wherever the paths can be removed.  In a few generations, the Watson of the future will have condensed the most human data into something as small as the laptop on which I am producing this piece.  
Thus I expect to live about 200 years and be part of the leadership that dispenses with the politics and gets governing on factual, proven paths to our original mission as a nation:  To form a more perfect union.  In moments like these, as I ponder the potential of humankind, I cannot think negative thoughts about those with whom I disagree.  An entity like Watson reassures me that the work to which I gravitate is – not a waste of time, nor a frivolous obsession, but my valid contribution to the experts we all promise to be.  
Sarah Palin references the way she is “wired” as the reason she processes information and chooses the road she takes.  Her leadership track is a Ground Breaking, NOT a Rules Breaking approach.  Beyond the Crowd, Leaders see things differently.  She is, like Bill Clinton is, a multi-level processor of data.  In her life, she has made choices that get results.  Her decisions are based on what she knows, experiences and proves with substantive basis.  She doesn’t seek approval.  She works with IT.  Beyond the readily assembled crowds Google “execs” have demonstrated ability to produce, Palin takes Social Media and controls electronic media with sensible, irrefutable data.  She synchronizes thinking with indisputable connections.  Thinkers recognize, and by contrast, manipulators are unmasked.  Watson proved that human language and a data bank can be combined to explode misconceptions of who controls what…of Power itself.  Where once, it was contended that Knowledge is Power, Watson rings around that concept with a more pointed assertion:  It is a combination of what you KNOW and where you apply it that enhances your stability.  I can only hope that the matter that presently dominates my thoughts, the lame Democratic Leadership, enslaved by the Progressive Agenda, will find itself on Watson’s List of things to clean up.  
Observing Nancy Pelosi, who mysteriously remained in her chair of the Democratic Congressional Caucus despite the massive defeats her colleagues suffered in November, I am convinced that manipulation of data works on Elected Representatives.  Or maybe, it works on men.  Maybe the proven fundraising she has done continues to shore up her status,  But NOBODY who processes data with the evenness of the mission to arrive at a more perfect union can take her seriously.  She is full of bullshit.  She is derailing the debate in the interest of Lord knows what.  Obama & his White House are in a Land of the Lost still out of their league where factual, demonstrated truth is refuted as though we’re all too stupid to question his veracity. 
Watson: I can’t say enough how I am looking forward to working with you!   

As Howard Dean Saw The O’Reilley/Obama Super Bowl Interview

His remarks about the question directed to Obama about whether he was a Redistributor of Wealth, which he promptly denied. Howard’s take:

What Governments DO is redistribute… The PURPOSE of government is to make sure that Capitalism works for everybody, not just for the people who can run roughshod – as they do, often, in Washington – and as the Chamber (of Commerce) has – by throwing money around. So he (Obama) missed that one because O’Reilley laid out… framed the proposition, as the Right Wing so often does. The President didn’t see the frame and answered the question straight up.”

Howard: Throwing Money Around? I have two words for you; GEORGE SOROS.
Howard: Running “roughshod” !?! Do you have ANY recollection of the Media-Glamorized Chicago Style, bare knuckle pushback? Do you at least have the “scent” yet of the XX?
50%+ of the population/electorate/viewership doesn’t ask for slavish adherence to “what women want” and merely, rightly expect their sheer NUMBERS to prompt the reasonable, intelligent, conversant-with-the-System response to the level of communication coming from that SYSTEM.

Here’s how a Woman sees it: “BABY’s crying.
1 – Get up, check in with baby
2 – Figure out baby’s issue (diaper? hunger? teeth? comfort?)
3 – Address the baby’s need

Result: Baby satisfaction. Back to whatever it was you were doing.

Here’s how Howard Dean / Nancy Pelosi / Harry Reed / Barak Obama saw it:

Baby cries:
DNC – “That is nothing more than a dependent, powerless baby! “I’m the Daddy!” Where else is the Baby going to go?
Result: the Rash (either way.) you get the rash, naieve but testosterone-driven “I’m-the-hottest!” young punk instead of a system-savvy, well-coordinated team of responders capable of interacting effectively with all disciplines. The rash, ADD, ruthless ignoramus on a macho trip so foolish as to brag about GAMING THE SYSTEM.

Accomplished System People who maintain their security clearance and make a living there know this: NOBODY WHO WORKS expects a GAME to beat a worked system.________________
Uncle Gay: Supervised Play…Hobbyist, gentle and nurturing, communicates the importance of
stepping through the proscribed steps, understanding the PURPOSE of the System, acting ON PURPOSE with responsible intent and intent on maintaining
Balance by reading and understanding the flags in reports, going back and reworking the errors, cleaning up the seemingly “distracting” numbers and always, always always restore BALANCE.
REPEAT. This approach fosters stability. Investors like stability. Large numbers reveal. In a system that’s worked responsibly, phonies cannot hide. They appear in the reports, skew the balance and demand to be corrected. Over the years, they are, likewise, revealed via LARGE NUMBERS…known as aging.

If 52% doesn’t qualify as large numbers to YOU, Howard, I just wonder about you.