Monthly Archives: September 2010

Payback’s A Bitch

Christine O’Donnell got lucky. By my calculation, it’s time to yank the chain and pull the plug on the Obots, Trolls and Establishment Politicians and Media Hypocrites taking pot shots at a woman who has the same right to go for it as any crazy man. Calling her a crackpot and exposing her as a woman without means has to totally frost every legitimate, law-abiding citizen, male or female. Since when have politicians been known for fiscal integrity? Why is this woman, who won her party’s primary, being subjected to scrutiny I absolutely know the men could not survive? It’s tough to keep your skirt down in a street fight, I understand. And I owe the Democratic Party, presently channeling the Alien Life Form that is Progressives. So with no apology to my fellow Dems, and a big, vengeful middle finger to the Males of the party who continue to act dumb and indifferent to the Voices of the People, I am calling on my sisters to make this one count. says she’s moved her website to a much bigger server to accommodate the dramatic traffic and will pass a $million in an hour or so. Phone bank volunteers will be able to sign up once the site is restored, is her FaceBook option, and is the campaign hq site. I fully expect to meet up with other PUMA’s, self-respecting Americans and those whose voice will be heard.