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By their fruits…

Observing “Objectively”; the wannabe mainstream MSNBC is a refuge for the utterly un-sellable Jon Meacham, and “glamor” pics of Mika posing as a FOX News Babe on the streets of NYC and DC.  I give few shows on that network much ‘ear’ except for MoJo and Dylan Ratigan.  “Way Too Early” – hosted by Nora O’Donnel in for Willie Geist – was consumed by the numbers on how many CITIZENS are increasingly coming to recognize that, based on his general demeanor, comment and choices, the Occupant of the Oval Office comes off more as a Muslim than as a Christian.  The wannabe mainstream  felt it appropriate to inform Willie’s regulars that that percentage of Americans MISTAKENLY believe their own eyes, ears and hearts….

Curvy Couch crew mates invited viewers to suggest which Opposite Sex Celebrity they resemble in an amusing take-off from a high school yearbook photo of Anthony Weiner looking like Jennifer Gray.  Nobody puts Anthony Weiner in the corner.

Martha’s Vineyard is “Over It” with the First Family’s vacation choice.   Massachusetts – whose voters overwhelmingly register “Independent” rejecting mail from either political party calling them “fellow” anything – are sipping the Obama Mocha (half dark, half white chocolate).  It’s only fun when we’re all having fun. When the Obama Family can’t take it anymore, they vacate the big White House they were so determined to occupy.   Dismissing his contentious collective of media supporters, most Americans are done with the political correctness and take a sober review of  the results.  When, in the ditch as the result of your own ineptitude; laugh:D   That learning curve extends to driving skills, as well.  We’ve moved on from complaining that the DNC conspired to triangulate a woman out of an earned nomination. Newly franchised voters were tricked into handing their Country over to an unproven, untested, and now we see, incredible creep who needs the Fourth Estate to represent his Christianity because, by his “fruits” we don’t know him to be so.

We now know that Carolyne Kennedy cut her political teeth proclaiming that her kids convinced her to endorse Obama … protected from Patrick Fitzgerald’s preemptive Crime Stoppage because NEW YORK’s Senate Seat wasn’t yet vacated … any attempt to restore Hillary Clinton’s office to the rightful owners, the Kennedys, was foiled by “See No Evil” Governor Patterson.   Turning the worm, not in itself fun, will have to do for now.

The lowest paid people in any organization; Customer Service Representatives, are trained to LISTEN to their customers.  Your kids – unaware of inherent danger in every day life are cautioned to LISTEN to their Parents.  Pollsters attempting to phrase their questions in such a way as to make their numbers seem credible are expected to LISTEN to the Likely Voters.  Here’s a clue, Mr. “President,” WE ARE LISTENING TO YOU!!! No longer expecting reciprocal respect; we hear what You are saying.  We hear what your supporters are saying, and we hear the tone, the timing, underlying consistency and general foolishness of your approach.   The inner ear that keeps us in balance delivers our next choice.  You simply do not convey a Christian Quality to your day in, day out DO.  Like it or not, what the majority of AMERICANS are getting from your body of work is that you agitate for Charity; coming off as a cruel, preachy mobster who rationalizes turning every political trick his way while chastising the rest of us for believing Charity begins at home.   We add it all up and it just doesn’t add up.  You  joined a trendy, numbers-crunching Chicago Church while everybody was doing so, but Christians didn’t see Christianity in the Trinity United Church of Christ.   They saw pandering to the anger, resentment, jealousy and misogyny of black folks.  They saw Oprah announce – after first putting the church on her “Must Do” list, that she was moving on. What we SEE is a group of Pharisees obsessed with the notion that money, academia and wealth substantiate.  Christ taught that ostentatious displays of wealth are hollow proof that there is nothing on the inside.  Christ taught to leave the judging to the Father.  Yet Obama, in the most un-Christian fashion, repeatedly takes to the Pulpit for the specific purpose of bullying, delivering premature negative review and  “Not Your Call” Judgment critical of the American Way.

Ask a few “fallen” Catholics why they stopped going to church. They’ll respond that they got tired of the Pastor always crying for money during the sermons that were supposed to be instructional. They resented the Males Only hierarchy.  They objected to the abuse of trust and of their children in the sacristy.  Women take heart in the fact that Christ’s FIRST MIRACLE, at the behest of his honored Mother, Mary, was to turn water into wine for a wedding celebration they all attended.  For a PARTY.  Feed them. Celebrate the vows of two young people putting their faith in the future and about to begin a new family.  Understand need for dignity.  OK?

For a guy who can snap his fingers and raise millions of dollars to campaign, we are troubled that he then uses the resources of the Poor to pick partisan fights, attempt to burnish his own image via “dis Americans” campaigns, while driving the ditched Economy into oblivion.  The Christians in us have specific criteria for evaluating a fellow Christian, a person with whom we can work, worship and share mutual trust.   We accept him, we forgive him, we pray for him, because we are Christians.   But we cannot preserve him in a position of trust and leadership, because we know  better.  We know in our hearts.  All Christians err in practice.  Lauded Evangelicals’ endorsement couldn’t prevent George Bush from finally learning how tough it is to stay on that path.  Mercy, in the end, is the mark of the Christian.  A President has to do what he has to do –  Judged / Judged not.  The spin about his religious conviction is irrelevant.   We let him get elected.  We tried our best to practice our own Spiritual Ethic and found that lots of politicians weren’t what they pretended to be.   John Edwards comes to mind.

We accept the IS.  We take responsibility for our own choices, and leave him to follow his own path.  But we don’t have to follow him.   Our own sense of balance leads us.   We personally choose, according to inner balance.   We understand Duty. We are realistic about work and earning a living.   We work at being generous, grateful and merciful.    We hear you “doth protest too much.”

“…do you think I am easier to be played on than a pipe? Call me what  instrument you will, though you can fret me, you cannot play upon me.” Hamlet

We see that you haven’t a clue about our Strength, focused on our weaknesses, appealing to our fears.  We can’t watch  from our misery while Your Family has fun.   We’re fixin’ to fight for the right to party.  And it’s tea we’re brewin’.