Monthly Archives: July 2010

Caucus Fraud Revisit

My local county committee recently elected a collective of the most assertively ignorant males to its leadership posts. Upon arrival at the election meeting, a gentleman who was running for the chair was endeavoring to pass out copies of the Committee’s by laws to those entering the polls. He has been extensively engaged with all the Party Events, activities and fundraisers and  knew the members through his work as Volunteer Coordinator at each of these.  A large “Progressive” Obot type was looming menacingly over him, loudly berating him for his lack of qualification for the post.  Himself “appointed” to open committee seats along with his wife, a candidate for VP. The election was conducted by several males who had no interest in knowing or observing the proscribed procedure for electing officers. I could only marvel at the level to which I was repeatedly dismissed when pointing out to these posers that Rules of Order communicate the duty of the assembled to treat each other with courtesy, how the minority must be heard just as the majority. It was a decidedly male push advanced by the wives of equally unqualified males who are all hoping to become the next county commissioner. Mind you: Butler County guarantees ONE Democrat a job: the third seat on the Commission. These hackers are about to utterly destroy each other in the pursuit of this seat.  I have resolved to take a step up and away, to observe – as a Secret Service Agent – with objectivity and awareness.  I will step in only to assert the rights of the minority.  Women of the Democratic Party must go forward expecting, prepared to defense and deal STRONGLY with this junkyard dog element that has taken over the Party. It is reminiscent of my own family, so bereft of leadership, so far from the preached principles, that they fight like chickens scratching in the dirt for crumbs when so much exists beyond the dirt floor on which they foolishly clamor to “build” their political machine. No self-respecting woman would be impressed with this crew.