Wolf Demands An Apology, Chesler Won’t Back Down

by Phyllis Chesler – Pajamas Media -September 2, 2009

It seems that Naomi Wolf is quite upset by what I’ve written yesterday. She has posted a comment at my blog, written to me privately, (below), left a message in my office and written to at least one website that linked to my blog. I am answering her here.

Dear Naomi:

Hello and I hope you are well too. My piece is not a personal attack. Please don’t take it as such. It is a political and intellectual critique of what you wrote. There are no “terrible inaccuracies” in what I’ve written or in how I’ve conveyed the general tenor of your article. Your demand that I print a “correction” and issue an “apology” is uncalled for as is your offer to go over my mistakes with me, point by point, on the phone or in a debate. I dare say, this last bit is a wee bit arrogant and frightening.

One woman’s “mistake” is another woman’s “opinion.”

I now understand that you’ve left a phone message in my office, posted a letter at my blogsite at PajamasMedia, written to me privately, and also written to Frontpage Magazine which has linked to my piece today.

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One response to “Wolf Demands An Apology, Chesler Won’t Back Down

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