Only the Beginning

Contributed by: Mary in Texas

This is a local Texas story of a woman who was a Woman Airforce Service Pilot (WASP). I thought it was an uplifting story of what women have done and accomplish….those brave pioneers who “chose” to do the unconventional. Of course the sad part is for years they were unrecognized for their contributions.

A long overdo bill was signed last week and soon they will receive Congressional Gold Medals. We all should celebrate these brave women and salute them when they receive this long overdue recognition. Here’s the link to the article

 There was an additional footnote to the article which does not get picked up by this link…but it read: ” Only the Beginning” “Bretherick fell in love with more than the sky as a WASP. When an aircraft engineer asked Bretherick to test a plane, she resisted, because it was the end of her workday. But he insisted, throwing in a dinner date to the terms of the deal. So, she agreed, but not before blasting him with sod grass as he stood behind the aircraft. Her hard features soften for the first time as she remembers her husband of 50 years, and she says, ‘So that was the beginning.'” I love her spunk for “blasting him with sod grass”!

Note- this is not only long overdue- most of these women are no longer alive.


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