Submitted by: Carolyn Cook

Missouri held their ERA resolution hearing in the Senate yesterday. The Committee gave the senator, our newest shero, Jolie Justus, one day’s notice to get her coalition to the hearing. Ironically 7 anti-ERA groups were there and ready to go…. Hmmmmm, I smell a rat in the Senate who leaked this information out to the Phyllis Schalfly’s (Eagle Forum) among others prior to the ERA advocates 24 hour notice. Bastards!

Needless to say they didn’t take a vote yesterday. There is still time to register your support!

Please click on the links below and make phone calls/emails, get this out on Face Book, and feminist bloggers to call these legislators from everywhere and express your views that Missouri’s local issue is of national concern to women! We are watching and we will take note of their support or opposition to our equality in the US Constitution.

These cowards cannot remain in the dark in their opposition to women being recognized as citizens with full rights equal to men. The ERA is not outdated or a has been. The US Constitution and the lawmakers who represent the women and men of Missouri have had 86 years to consider this amendment. Women have been patient long enough! It is time to honor every citizen in Missouri and our country!

America has come a long way since 1982. Women are on the front lines of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan defending our Country and swearing to uphold and defend a Constitution that will not grant us equal rights as Citizens of a democracy??????? How can you promote justice and freedom around the world and not grant it to all citizens here.

We will not be silenced any longer!

Missouri State Senate
Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee


  • Kevin Engler, 3rd, Chairman
    Gary Nodler, 32nd, Vice-Chairman
    Norma Champion, 30th
    Charlie Shields, 34th
    Joan Bray, 24th
    Tim Green, 13th



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