Women Lynching Forum

Four women a day die in this country. An epidemic? A crisis? Yes to both.
Femicide, woman murdered by the men in their lives.
Since the start of the Iraq war 4,200 Americans have lost their lives. In that same time period 9,000 women lost their lives. MURDERED many times in their own homes in front of their children by the “men who love them”
Many of you will  shake your head, continue to read this, say to yourself we need to do something and then do what we have done for far to long….Ignore IT.
 BUT I am counting on the many of you who will read this and feel the sorrow of a womans life lost and then feel the rage of why do we continue to allow women to be murdered? Then I will be counting on those of you to join those of us who are saying “Do you hear me now…enough” ?
We label it domestic violence, and slap those over and over again on the hand who commit these “Domesticated Acts.”.  First let’s start calling it what it really is Violent Crime, Hate crime, Women Lynching.
Woman are being terrorized, tortured and murdered and there is nothing domesticated about that.
Right now  an attempt is being made to end a womans life she is being sexually assaulted humiliated, degraded, denigrated, she is being beaten with his fist or a baseball bat or any  household item. She is battered and bruised, bloody nose, black eyes and broken bones. She is being murdered his hands around her throat, a knife to her heart, a gun to her head.
 This is happening right now. The man she loves is murdering her and statics show before he murders her or a family member he will have committed a serious of violent crimes. But because he loves her and because he loves her in her home they are going to call it domestic abuse and slap his wrist and send him home so he can love her some more. Until the day he loves her to death.
 and  this will continue to happen until I, you, us, we stop it.
Do you hear us now? ENOUGH
 Join Puma Pac and their efforts to stop Women Lynching.
Join Betty Jean Kling the mother of Denise Richardson who while dying of cancer was beat over the head with a hammer by her husband George Hardwick for her pain medication. The monster was sentenced to 90 days for this horrific act of attempted murder. On Dec 15,2008 George returned home with the intent to kill Betty Jean, Denise and her sister Louisa Rodas with a shotgun. George found Louisa caring for Denise and he shot Louisa in the head.
 My friend Betty Jean with two dying daughters is one determined woman. She is leading the way for Louisas Law and she is not shaking her head and ignoring women being murdered.
Betty Jean and Puma Pac are joining voices and saying, no we are yelling Do you hear us now?
Join us Please.
Women Lynching Forum


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  1. thanks this is interesting article

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