Amy’s New Agenda-

The only thing new about this agenda is that it is  Amy Siskind’s Show!

The other founders are just show pieces – a few write pieces now and again but for the most part- This is all about plastering Amy’s face and name all over the net – apparantly she has the media connections and clout and it’s All about Amy!

This not about the millions of women without voices- it certainly was not about my voices as i was banned from her sight for voicing my opinion and how the attempted murder of both my daughters a few nights latter is now being ignored just to punish me! No- Amy is covering Misogyny in foreign lands while 5 miles from her home I have two daughters dying and she holds a grudge!

See the story all over the internet- everywhere but on The New Agenda!

 This Monday Night When you chew the fat with Ophelia  at 10 PM on Blog talk radio I would love about 300 – 15 second calls to Amy telling her – to keep her agenda – keep it short so she can receieve calls from all the women who want her to know we do not want HER speaking for us- she has not right- and nothing we want to hear from her lips.

 Do this for Louisa! Call- 10 PM Eastern.Tell Amy ‘shut up’-Mondays 10 pm est  Call-in # (347) 324-5942  Up until tonight I stayed out of the controversial picture of Jon “The Douchebag” Favreau groping a life size cutout of Hillary but I find I can no longer do that. I am disturbed because Amy Siskind at The New Agenda thought Favreau would be taught a lesson if he spent time volunteering at an abuse shelter for women. No lessons just fire him. The whole point of these battered women’s shelters is to protect women and children from abuse at the hands of their husbands or significant others. The sex of these abusers is usually MALE. One piece of advice for Siskind and her kind that think abusers can be rehabilitated by volunteering in a battered women’s shelter, if you have never been abused or visited one of these shelters, just shut up because you have no idea what you are talking about.

For More stories and pictures everyone but The New Agenda is covering this one!


2 responses to “Amy’s New Agenda-

  1. Ms. Siskind is showing what she really thinks of other women:

    “And we very purposely chose to not list line items as to why we do not endorse Gandy. But suffice it to say that it was unanimous (less one) amongst our Founders group who are prominent women from around the country and perhaps, through our connections, we know more information than you know. Could that be?”

    Don’t you get it? If someone is “prominent” and has “connections,” she isn’t accountable to the rest of us. She just has to point to her mysterious information and we shut up and nod along.

  2. OMG… I just found out about your daughter. I was googling Amy Siskind and came across a blog/forum that posted an email thread started by Amy. I could not BELIEVE how disgusting she sounded when bringing up your daughter. I had no idea until I just read about it on another blog. I can’t imagine the hell you went through. And the way Amy spoke about you only getting a “1 day pass?” What the hell is wrong with that woman? She comes across as a complete sociopath.

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